Monday, November 10, 2008

Tons of press about suit against Bloomberg's term extension

There has been countless articles written in the last few hours about the new suit against Bloomberg's attempt to get a third term as mayor.

Before listing countless links, click here to read the text of the suit against the mayor. It's one of these new iPaper things.

If you're reading this, then you've probably already done a Google news search on the Bloomberg and "term limits." If not, click here.

Here's a sample of what much of the press has say. This is from a Newsday article:

"It was not legal or constitutional for the majority of the City Council and the mayor to enact this legislation, to award themselves another term in office," said Attorney Randy Mastro and civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel, announcing the filing of the 48-page legal brief.

Foes of the term-limits bill Bloomberg signed last week filed suit in federal court in Brooklyn. The suit claims voters' constitutional rights had been violated, saying voting is "a bedrock democratic principle."

The Gotham Gazette does a good job in painting a picture of the vast range of opponents to the mayor, representing all boroughs and political stripes. But do their efforts have any chance in succeeding? Azi Paybarah takes a stab at that question in his article in the Observer.

The NY Times also writes about arts groups which have gotten money from Bloomberg, have just gotten awards from him, and are- surprise- lining up to testify in his favor. The Gray Lady covered the new suit and press conference here, and writes about the upheaval after Darlene Mealy's vote in favor of the mayor here.

NY1 continues its regular coverage here, though you've got to wonder when they will realize that LetiTia James does not have a "c" in her name.

It's the articles on the periphery that are even more interesting. My San Antonio give some perspective on this fight. All the while, the Bloomberg LP is facing a suit for gender discrimination. Condé Nast has writes about it in "Mayor Bloomberg's Delicate Condition."

Whew! On a day when liberals are praising George W. Bush for gracefully handing over power to President-elect Barack Obama, you've got to wonder when we'll have a peaceful transfer of power in New York City.

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