Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The need for "consistent leaders"... and persistant bloggers

At Room 8, Oneshirt lays into the City Council and friends in "Was the Lie of 'Consistent Leadership' Old Media’s Last Stand." The post criticizes the argument made by the main New York papers and politicians that continuing the current leadership is somehow good and necessary. For Oneshirt, this is a prime example of why bloggers are becoming the new heroes of our fine city's democracy:

Only the city’s bloggers like Your Free Press, Pardon Me For Asking, The Brooklyn Optimist, The Daily Gotham, Queens Crap, and Washington Square Park reported to their readers during the term limits debate that the Council’s argument for continuity of leadership to save the city’s economy was nothing more than public relations spin to cover the Council’s blatant power grab for an additional term in office. At the same time these citizen journalists across the City were reporting the real facts, the Mayor was meeting with the publishers of the three major dailies to coordinate a cover story for his support of extending term limits.

One of these bloggers/journalists, Rafael Martinez-Alequin, is fighting to keep his press pass. He is being represented by Norman Siegel.

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