Monday, November 3, 2008

Roundup of Bloomberg term limit bill signing

There was a flood of coverage of Bloomberg's signing ceremony today which featured a garnish of public testimony. Nothing can quite capture the raucous nature of the crowds gathering before the hearing. It was disorganized, but it was an inspiring and spontaneous expression of democracy... followed by a pre-ordained event.

Here are the videos that I recorded:

Here are a ton of links:

A few links via Gotham Gazette:

Final Hearing on Term Limits (Daily News, 11/03/08)
The public will get one more chance Monday to sound off about term limits, and this time they'll get to say it directly to Mayor Bloomberg.

Imperial Bloomberg (New York Magazine, 11/03/08)
During the City Hall press conference officially making Michael Bloomberg a term-limits flip-flopper, a reporter began a question by referring to the mayor’s extended flirtation with a third-party bid for the White House.


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