Thursday, December 18, 2008

What makes Caroline Kennedy deserve Bloomberg's support?

"Nobody knows her position on anything." 

—Jim Brennan

At a time when billionaires don't look so good, Mayor Bloomberg is actively supporting Caroline Kennedy to become the newest Senator from New York. As the NY Times puts it:

the mayor’s top political strategist [Kevin Sheeky] is pushing hard behind the scenes for her, with Mr. Bloomberg’s blessing.

Brooklyn Assemblyman Jim Brennan discussed the situation at a meeting of CBID on December 18. Click here to see a YouTube of Assemblyman Brennan as he speaks critically of Caroline Kennedy's support of certain educational initiatives. 

The Village Voice goes even further:

Bloomberg's 2009 campaign and Kennedy's 2010 campaign will be run out of the same offices at Knickerbocker SKD, where consultant Josh Isay already helped orchestrate the term limits coup for clients Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn, and where he is now trying to help pull off his second coup in three months by securing the Clinton seat with a resume-reinvention for Ms. Kennedy.