Friday, November 21, 2008

AtlanticYardsReport responds to the Voice

The Atlantic Yards Report casts an appreciative but critical eye to the Voice's coverage of Bloomberg:

Wayne Barrett's Village Voice cover story, The Transformation of Mike Bloomberg, demolishes the claims that Bloomberg's decision to seek a third term was driven by a duty to confront the financial crisis and dissects the editorial arguments made in favor of Bloomberg's effort
to extend term limits.

Here is the Atlantic Yards angle:

I think Barrett is a bit too generous about Bloomberg's first term. After all, there were already signs of the mayor's edifice complex and his unquestioning willingness to back a developer's plan....

As I pointed out, Bloomberg essentially said that the city and the developer were on the same team, nearly a year and a half before the Metropolitan Transportation Authority put the Vanderbilt Yard--some 40% of the proposed site--out for bid.

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This was also covered in NoLandGrab.


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