Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tensions Rise at City Hall

In closed-door meetings over the last few days that occasionally escalated into shouting, Ms. Quinn has told the mayor’s aides to back off a plan that would change how hundreds of programs for the elderly are financed, a proposal that has infuriated several council members.

....and that's the most recent word from the NY Times about Bloomberg meeting with his allies. These are council members who pretended to believe the contorted logic that the best way to give the voters choice was to annul their previous choice of voting for term limits. And now just a few days later, here is the situation:

Two lawmakers who voted for Mr. Bloomberg’s term limits legislation, James Vacca and Maria del Carmen Arroyo, both of the Bronx, immediately expressed their anger over the plans for the seniors programs to Ms. Quinn. Mr. Vacca said he told the speaker’s staff members this week that “if we don’t fight this, the Council will be the emperor with no clothes.”

OMG! Who knew that the Council was an emperor with no clothes!!



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