Thursday, October 30, 2008

Deliberately missing the point here? Multiple posts from Room 8

Room 8 has a couple recent blog postings about the extension of Bloomberg's mayorality.

Rock Hackshas started out with Are they deliberately missing the point here? (Part one)

I awaited the public hearings, hoping to get some intelligent arguments that would justify the one-term (for now) extension; given that there is nothing left to prevent these scholars from overturning term limits all together (unless the courts reverse themselves).

Okay, so we are in an economic downturn; so what? As a city, state, nation and world, we have survived worse.

He continues:

These elites, pseudo-elites and wannabee elites truly believe in their arrogance, that they are the only ones -not the voters- capable of making this call. In their ass-kissing heads and mind-sets, only Michael Bloomberg can save this city from the impending fiscal crisis. Well; let me tell them now, that this city will be up, around and still strong: long after Michael Bloomberg is buried and gone.

This prompted a response by nymaverick who wanted to get to the nuts-and-bolts of how to throw the bums out:

Draw 'em a picture, Rock, in which they throw out those bums.

If there were ever polls to be believed, then believe the ones that say most of New York City believes their members of City Council last week showed their constituencies exactly what they think: That come November, voters exist to keep them in bespoke suits and taxpayer money.

Are they deliberately missing the point here? (Part one) >>

Draw 'em a picture, Rock >>


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