Friday, October 31, 2008

DFNYC Keeps the heat up on Bloomberg

Democracy for NYC (DFNYC) is working hard to support Obama, but even while the national election is coming to its final moments, the group still takes time to talk about the term limits controversy. Here is a quote from their recent email:

City Council Voted for Repeal of Voter-Enacted Term Limits Last Thursday, the New York City Council voted on Mayor Bloomberg's bill to extend term limits, despite the fact that New York City voters have twice approved of a limit of two terms in referenda votes. The change allows Mayor Bloomberg and approximately two thirds of council members facing term limits next year to run for a third term. Before the council vote, Democracy for NYC took a poll on Mayor Bloomberg's proposal and 78% of respondents (93% of DFNYC members) were against Mayor Bloomberg's proposal.

Now, a coalition of grassroots groups and elected officials is joining together to support candidates who will challenge the "Bloomberg 29" in 2009. The Council vote was 29 in favor, 22 against. Please visit our website soon for more details on this project: In the next 5 days, we are absolutely committed to electing Senator Obama, strengthening the majority in Congress and taking back the State Senate. But after Nov. 4th, we are committed to strengthening democracy right here in New York City, and we will hear from candidates that are willing to challenge incumbents who voted for the Mayor's bill to overrule the voters.


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