Monday, February 9, 2009

El Diario: How much for the Big Apple?

El Diario questions Bloomberg's campaign spending in How much for the Big Apple?:

Bloomberg, the self-made billionaire, reportedly became annoyed when a reporter yesterday asked him about limiting his campaign spending.

It’s a reasonable question. But Bloomberg resisted discussing his campaign, which has clearly been in motion since last year. And he would not commit to setting a ceiling for campaign spending.

These were inadequate responses. Last year, Bloomberg reversed his longstanding disdain for the idea of overturning term limits on city elected officials and engineered a vote in the City Council to extend these limits.

Organizations that received Bloomberg foundation money were called on to testify on behalf of extending the limits. The editorial boards of the largest city newspapers were assiduously courted. Chits were called and counted.

Since then, Bloomberg has been recruiting a growing list of campaign advisors.... Unfortunately, by playing coy with the size of his re-election treasure chest, the mayor is also creating the impression that he is willing to buy the public office.

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